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1st February 2018

The board of governors at The Elliot Brands Partnership have came to an executive decision to discontinue our original Advertising policy and remove all adverts from all websites we own and manage.

Original Policy:

'Advertising is a part of modern day society - everywhere you look - there is some sort of advert. Our website is no exception to this - the PetroMedia website runs a range of adverts hosted by Google Adsense - they are safe, lawful, appropriate and moderated.

The reason we have these adverts on our website is to generate revenue to keep this website and other services related to the website up and running.

We do understand that adverts can sometimes cause a distraction and can sometimes be somewhat obtrusive and we do apologise for this.

If you find any advert that obstructs any information on this website then please do let us know as it is our number one aim to make the PetroMedia website experience the best.

For more information, email


Elliot Petrosellini Lancaster

CEO, PetroMedia'

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